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The Definitive Social Selling Book

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** 92% of clients applying Jeff’s social selling approach are increasing leads & sales over 36%.

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Jeff will help you get the job done, starting today.

"If you need to sell products or services using social media this book is for you. Molander’s social selling book provides the motivation and practical tips to get the job done, starting today.”

Jamie Macki  //  VP, Ecommerce, Autozone

social selling book

Packed with examples and tips on how to emulate successful companies

"I could not put this book down. If you’ve been participating in social media on behalf of your business because you feel like you should, but are not really sure about the what, why and how to make it “work” (me) this book is for you. I have 15 or 20 pages of notes that will give me more than enough ideas and methods to completely change how I approach our company’s social media style. This social selling book is packed with great examples and thought provoking tips on how you can emulate successful companies.From large to small business, it’s got something for everyone. HIGHLY recommended.”

Neil Stender  //  Sales Associate, American Solutions for Business

social selling book

Are you doing it?

"So many social selling books these days give you a lot of theory and untested advice but this one is a real-world tested action plan to make social media actually sell. For example, Jeff explains a method of writing questions that your customers frequently ask you and using those for the titles of your blog posts. Brilliant!! Now you might say that sounds really simple but let me ask you a question, ARE YOU DOING IT??”

Ed Worthington  //  Action Business Systems

social selling book jeff molander

Right on the money

"Molander is right on the money. This is a useful, practical social selling book for those serious about using social media to capture leads and sales. Once you’re over the wild-eyed enthusiasm of others, this book will help you get things done.”

Jim Sterne  //  Best-selling author of books like Social Media Metrics Founder, eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit

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